Listen to Diana’s testimony given at last year’s Promise of Power luncheon:

The first Promise of Power Women’s Conference was held in the greater Rochester, NY area in March 2013. Women from all over upstate and Western New York participated in this inaugural event. Below are many of the testimonies the Women of POWER received after that event:

Promise of Power (Winter 2013) Testimonials:

  • The worship team was very spirit filled and wonderful leaders.


  • I was taught so much about the need to learn the principles in God’s Word and put them into action in my own life, Thank you.


  • Thank you for carrying out the plans God had for you to share with me – and all of us here.


  • I would love to get regular emails with fresh nuggets of this teaching!


  • Make this an annual event!


  • Thank you for words of confirmation, powerful speakers, great education & encouragement.


  • This was Awesome! A great drink from the firehose of the Lord!


  • This conference was a tremendous blessing. The speakers have served us a feast at the King’s table. Thanks to our Lord and the many who worked together to make it happen! The food was delicious also. May God bless this ministry.


  • From the music to faith-building, to our authority and dominion…wow what a conference. Thank you so much for the encouragement, principles, powerful scriptures and life applications. I LOVED the time with sisters in the Lord, the location was beautiful with a view only God could make. The food was absolutely delicious…such a perfect time. Thank you, I’m full and overflowing.


  • I really loved Joanne’s talk on words and confession. Loved the meaning of confession – saying what God says. I liked how there were so many different speakers bringing different flavors but all fitting together. All the speakers made the day not drag on.


  • This conference, seminar was such a blessing to me. It’s difficult to explain, but it was a true blessing to me – the message, the words, the women, it was amazing. I look forward to the next conference. Thank you to everyone for all that was done for all of us women. It was very special.


  • Thank you – the conference was great, all of it. Thank you for all your labors.


  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The conference empowered me once again and has encouraged me to put my faith anew in a great and faithful God. God bless you all and thank you for all your ministry.


  • I thought the Promise of Power was absolutely wonderful. From the worship team, the words spoken, the fellowship. Not to forget the delicious food. I enjoyed every moment of it. I thank everyone who was involved.


  • Thank you so very much for such a job well done! So proud of you my friend, Cheryl. God has done great things through you and your team. Very relevant and uplifting. Many seeds have been planted in my spirit. Food was great, building was beautiful. Would love speakers to have notes of their sermons to take home or posted online. – Chris


  • Just a note to raise-lift! While the speakers shared God’s word, a robin sat in the tree behind, a symbol of spring, new beginnings. The cold snow melted away exposing new growth. Then I looked up at the window behind me, the compass. Thank you for the confirmation of His word. I walk away with my lamp filled with oil!


  • God is Good!! This conference was awesome, I learned a lot and was able to relate a lot. We should have more conferences! – Glenda


  • Thank you so much. The worship was so anointed. Each speaker was so anointed and spoke the very words that I needed to hear. Things I have been praying about and asking God about. It was so great to fellowship with other women who believe as I believe in Jesus. God’s blessings to all of you.


  • The Word of the Lord was spoken in this place today – spiritual truths that bring blessing and freedom. Thank you for your vision! Wonderful.


  • I am so overjoyed and empowered by this conference this weekend. All the ladies testimonies and words of God that were embellished help me so so much. Thank you so much for doing this awesome Promise of Power Seminar. It also was/is a pleasure to be surrounded by all these beautiful women and your husbands. As I have had a terrible month – this conference brought me back to me and my paths to be righteous even more so and empowered to walk in the Spirit and know all of His words. This reminded me to give even more Grace as I continue to ask the Lord for Grace & Mercy. Thank you so so much and I am grateful to MaryAnn for inviting me to your conference and I hope you do this many many times. – Teresa.


  • The conference was outstanding! Thank you so much! God bless you!


  • Wonderful conference! Wonderful speakers! Wonderful topics! Thank you!


  • The conference was awe inspiring, uplifting, anointed and blessed by God. The words spoken, the food served, the hospitality – Great! Let’s do it again! – Glera


  • Absolutely blessed by all the speakers – I have been praying for purpose & destiny and I feel the Lord spoke to me today about direction. My heart was deeply touched by many of the personal stories that the speakers shared. I felt it was my story too! Hope deferred was so heavy on my spirit for the last seven years and I have been lifted up and encouraged. Thank you Lord, Amen!


  • Thank you for putting all of this together and your  diligence. Perfect timing and carefully crafted messages! Thank you to all the speakers who traveled and the husbands who supported all of you.


  • Awesome Conference! Women of Faith on Steroids! Plus the Holy Spirit Anointing! Each speaker had nuggets of wisdom that were so helpful and inspiring.


  • Praise the Lord for this conference. Deeply encouraged by the anointing on each and every woman. Thank you for the wonderful weekend.