Annie Dukes

Annie M DukesMeet Annie Dukes

Annie’s passion has always been to see God’s people delivered, healed and set free from the things of this world and the things of their past that plague their life. Having to break free herself from her past, Annie understands that guilt and shame of the past can often hold you back from your Destiny and Purpose. With a non-judgmental approach, the love of Christ, and the ability to be transparent about her past, Annie has successfully seen the lives of others transformed.

Annie currently attends Bethel Christian Fellowship, and is a part of the altar prayer team, healing and deliverance team, and Pure Streams prophetic ministry. It’s said that Annie “hits the bull’s eye,” and she’s often called upon alongside her peers to minister prophetically outside of Bethel at other local churches under the leadership of Pastor Hector Santos of Hector Santos Ministries.

When Annie is not praying for others or ministering prophetically, you’ll often see her singing with Bethel’s choir or participating in other musical events.